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With the latest travel companion of the ZÜCA family - the ZÜCA Flyer - the engineers again have... more
Product information "ZÜCA Flyer Travel - black"

With the latest travel companion of the ZÜCA family - the ZÜCA Flyer - the engineers again have proven their excellence. Following the globally successful ZÜCA concept, the ZÜCA Flyer has now been tailored explicitly - as the name already indicates - to frequent flyers. Optimized in its dimensions it will never cause you any trouble in finding hat rack space on board any longer. Again practicability and design have been united on the highest level. The frame of your ZÜCA Flyer shines elegantly in stainless steel or polished black and as the ZÜCA Pro offers you a comfortable seat - wherever you are. And that up to 130 kilograms. Five optimized Packing Pouches provide best use of space and easy sorting of your travel accessories. Try yourself how the ZÜCA Flyer will become your unique travel companion.

Aiming at the maximization of inner space within tight outer borders, the engineers designed ZÜCA with special attention to detail. It is absolutely easy to navigate the ZÜCA Flyer through narrow airplane aisles or find space in small hat racks thanks to the compact design of wheels and optimized outer dimensions. Even a FAA-conform Toiletry Bag is part of the interior. The design of ZÜCAs is exclusive and unique. Traditional trolleys are built on inner frames, while the elegant stainless steel frame of ZÜCA has been moved outwards (exoskeleton design). According to the designers various advantages are brought along. The inner space is maximized substantially, the insert as well as all your valuable contents are protected properly and the insert can be removed for cleaning or change. And as special feature the outer frame provides your with a seating wherever you are - for up to 130kg. The 104cm long handle makes the ZÜCA Flyer follow you on every step, however still keeps enough distance to leave you all the space to move. And in case it's getting on slowly the ZÜCA Flyer brakes softly on its small feet made of Nylon 6 standing safe and without tipping.

The Travel Edition of ZÜCA Flyer brings along a new level of comfort. This carry-on bag is a unique companion not only for business people. Organizing your travel utensils has never been easier thanks to five travel pouches, which can individually be taken out and sorted. The professional design and robust frame guarantees reliability in nearly every situation. 10cm polyurethan wheels absorb small shocks and cause a smooth ride. The outer dimensions of the ZÜCA Flyer match the recommended borders for carry-on luggage by IATA. The ZÜCA Flyer Travel is delivered with five color-coded packing pouches in different heights for a perfect organization of your luggage. Further it is coming with the ZÜCA Travel Cover, which is designed to protect your ZÜCA Flyer from damages or dirt.



The ZÜCA Flyer Travel (52,0 x 35,5 x 24,5cm), is delivered with five Utility Pouches, two with a red (12,7 x 24,1 x 26,7cm), one with a blue (7,6 x 24,1 x 26,7cm), one with an orange (5,1 x 24,1 x 26,7cm) and one with a green (7,6 x 24,1 x 20,3cm) color code as well as a TSA-conform Toiletry Bag (3,2 x 16,5 x 20,3cm) for liquids. Further included is the ZÜCA Travel Cover, which is designed to protect your ZÜCA Flyer from damages. The weight of your ZÜCA Flyer Travel is 5.4 kilogram.

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